We have openings for a PhD student (start Fall 2022) and a postdoctoral fellow (start at earliest possible). Students interested in pursuing graduate studies (Ph.D. or MD-Ph.D.) should email a brief description of research interest along with recent CV to apyadav [at] iu [dot] edu. Postdoctoral candidates can apply directly at this link or email Dr. Yadav. Additional information on positions is available here.

Amol P. Yadav, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery

Dr. Amol Yadav obtained his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University in the laboratory of Dr. Miguel Nicolelis. In graduate school he worked with rodents and developed tools to advance brain-machine interfaces and specialized in spinal cord neuromodulation. As a postdoctoral scholar in the Nicolelis lab he was trained in non-human primate neurophysiology and neuromodulation research. Before joining IU he obtained clinical research training on spinal cord stimulation while working with several neurosurgeons at Duke Neurosurgery.

Email me: apyadav [at] iu [dot] edu

Graduate Student Researchers

Jacob Slack, B.S.

Research Engineering Technician/Incoming Phd student Fall 2022

Jacob obtained his bachelors in Biomedical Engineering from Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis in May 2021. He is interested in developing high-density recording and stimulation technologies to train animals on brain-machine interface experiments.

Medical Student Researchers

Halie Szilagyi (B.S., Neurobiology and Physiology, Purdue University) and Anoop Chinthala (B.S., Neuroscience, Indiana University) are medical students at the Indiana University School of Medicine. They will conduct research in the lab as part of the IMPRS internship program.

Undergraduate Student Researchers


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