Ongoing projects

Artificial Somatosensation

Generating artificial sensations using electrical stimulation of the spinal cord and understanding how these sensory experiences are encoded in the brain

Brain-Spine Interfaces

Creating brain-spine interfaces to treat sensorimotor deficits caused by neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, and traumatic brain injury

Clinical translation

Conducting pilot studies in patient populations to translate pre-clinical findings into therapeutic solutions for patients affected by neurological disorders and injuries


High-density stimulation

We develop, test, and implement high-density stimulation electrodes for spinal cord stimulation

High-density neurophysiology

We deploy high-density neuronal recordings at the brain and spinal level to study sensorimotor encoding

Computational modeling

We build computational models of spinal cord anatomy to test the impact of stimulation on neural elements

Behavioral experiments in rodents

We train animals on numerous sensory and motor behavioral tasks

Computational analysis of neural data

We use latest tools to analyze spiking and local field potential neuronal activity

Sensor/sensor-less movement tracking

We track human movement with IMU sensors and animal behavior using deep learning tools

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