Selected Publications/Pre-prints

The role of stimulus periodicity on spinal cord stimulation-induced artificial sensations in rodents

Closed-loop spinal cord stimulation is superior in restoring locomotion in rodent models of Parkinson’s Disease

Generating Artificial Sensations with Spinal Cord Stimulation in Primates and Rodents

Spinal cord stimulation and rehabilitation in an individual with chronic complete L1 paraplegia due to a conus medullaris injury: motor and functional outcomes at 18 months

A Brain to Spine Interface for Transferring Artificial Sensory Information

A Closed Loop Brain-machine Interface for Epilepsy Control Using Dorsal Column Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation of the dorsal columns of the spinal cord for Parkinson’s disease

Chronic Spinal Cord Electrical Stimulation Protects Against 6-hydroxydopamine Lesions
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